Uncover the hidden dynamics sabotaging you or your organization

A private systemic mapping session to help you identify and remove the hidden obstacles that prevent you from getting to the next level.

Let go of hidden loyalties

Change your perspectives

Discover a new path

What if you could discover the hidden patterns that are holding you back?

Using a systemic approach grounded in a scientific framework, Dr. Sharon Spano leverages 30 years of experience in corporate leadership, human development, and consciousness to help you transform the way you do business and life.

Systemic Mapping is designed to be your change agent.

When you work with Dr. Spano in a private mapping session, you’ll emerge with a concrete understanding of the hidden dynamics that empower your growth and limit your success. You’ll also learn:

  • Why traditional systems and processes aren’t enough to help you achieve your goals

  • How you think about yourself as a leader and why that matters

  • How to integrate work and life without sacrificing your vision or goals

  • How to transform daily challenges into a growing edge of opportunity

  • How to identify the red flags that scream for systemic change

  • How to move beyond past circumstances, construct new meanings, make different choices, and develop more compassion, empathy, and understanding

  • How to have more intimacy and connection in your personal and professional relationships

If you’re serious about serious growth, a Systemic Mapping private session is for you.

Every day, hidden dynamics are quietly sabotaging you or your business success. But you can change that.

When you use the proven principles of Systemic Mapping, you will uncover destructive patterns of behaviors, you will improve your relationships AND increase your performance, profitability, and prosperity.

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The systemic mapping process transforms the underlying patterns of behavior affecting you and your business so you can increase your


Develop a systemic approach that supports a culture of collaborative results.


Grow your bottom line by uncovering the hidden organizational behaviors preventing growth.


Ensure a better quality of life through work/life integration for yourself and your employees.

Learn to do more with less energy . . .

When our behaviors are out of alignment with the life we want to be living, we expend unnecessary energy.

Our relationships and our business suffer.

Systemic Mapping will help you see what's really going on so that you can make healthier choices that support you in every area of your life.

Experience a process that will dramatically change the way you do business and connect with others.


Lack of accountability, silo mentalities, and chaos is often a sign that the system is out of order


Place determines unity or division. Who is being excluded or marginalized?

Balance of exchange

The system will always seek equilibrium if one party or department receives or gives more than another.

Will systemic mapping help?

  • Do you feel like you’re always chasing time and money?

  • Is the organization undergoing a transition or leadership change?

  • Is there is chaos or calm within your organization, leadership, or life?
  • Do you feel at times like you’re talking but not being heard?

  • Do you feel like you need to do everything yourself?

  • Do you work hard all the time and struggle to rest on the weekends?

Systemic mapping works at both the personal and professional level

Relationship Mapping

A 1:1 session focuses on helping business leaders discover how they are showing up in their relationships. You will discover:

  • The genealogy of your Behavioral DNA.

  • Unconscious loyalties impacting your potential for healthy relationships.

  • How your unwarranted beliefs about time and money may be disrupting your relationships.

  • Why your ancestral family dynamics are essential to your future.

  • How to create systemic change in your life.

  • How to transform hidden patterns of defeat into patterns of whole life success.

Success Mapping

This 1:1 session helps business leaders discover how underlying patterns influence their ability to impact employee engagement, generate new business, and increase the bottom-line. This process will help you reinvent:

  • How you think about yourself as a leader and why that matters.

  • What leadership behaviors support your highest level of performance.

  • How to embody effective leadership without sacrificing other areas in your life.

  • How to transform daily challenges into a growing edge of opportunity.

  • How to identify the red flags in your business that scream for systemic change.

  • The tools and strategies that support high performance and increased profitability.

Business Mapping

Coming Soon

This 1:1 session helps business leaders discover how the principles of systemic change support a business culture of meaningful collaboration, cohesive performance, and increased profitability.

  • What’s blocking the teams capacity to utilize time and money to support client satisfaction and increase profitability.

  • Identify the warning signs and impact of scarcity in the organization

  • Reframe decision-making processes to support more meaningful outcomes.

  • Develop communication strategies to support cohesive performance.

  • Re-invent a culture of trust and accountability.

  • Perform at a high level without sacrificing or compromising in other areas.

  • Master the Three Principles of Systemic Change to prosper in a complex global economy.

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